Position of copy vs winding

Leading Edge - NEL or WEL

The first edge of the label from the web is called the leading edge, depending on which way round the label is oriented, the leading edge is either wide or narrow. Thus in the first example the label is described as NEL or narrow edge leading. In the second example the label is described as WEL or wide edge leading. These terms are universally applied in the roll label market.

Label Rewinding Positions

When labels are rewound, prior to delivery to the client, there are eight standard positions in which the labels can be wound. Please see the chart, this illustrates exactly which way around the label will be oriented when it comes off the roll. This is vitally important. Since in many instances it cannot be corrected after delivery. If machine applied, only one position can be correct. Please note: these positions 1-8 are an industry agreed standard.

Label Copy Position Chart

label copy position chart
Labels can be wound onto a reel in any of 8 directions, depending first, whether the label is wound inside the reel or exposed and wound outside the reel. The eight different winding directions are described as positions, and each of the possible positions is given a number 1-8. These position numbers are almost universally used throughout the roll label industry. It is extremely important to correctly define the winding position at the outset of the job, since it is often impossible to alter after production. And, when it can be corrected, this can only be done by hand. Which is very labour intensive.

Roll Label Size Definition length or width first?

When a roll label is described the first number used is the width of the label across the web, and the second number is the length of the label along the web.

roll dimensions