About Us

We have been supplying Tamper Evident Security Seals, etc. for many years, and strive to give honest, reliable and cost effective service to all of our clients.

Personally, my background is the introduction of the plastic envelope into ZA some 30 odd years ago, which lead to the formation of a company called Plaslope, which was sold in 2010.

Plaslope introduced the local manufacture of Tamper Evident Security Bags, which are used by most of the CIT companies, education departments, banks, and the IEC.

Tamper evident security seals can be made in many different sizes.

They can be personalized and sequentially numbered, with or without barcodes.

Tamper Evident Carton Sealing tapes are specifically designed to show any tampering of corrugated boxes. These can also be personalised with both visible messages and the hidden message.

We have seals which will leave a partially transferred message on the surface or those which leave no residue on the surface.

Asset identification labels are laser engraved and will fragment into many small pieces when attempts are made to reposition them.

We look forward to being able to work together with you on your project.