Tamper Evident Security Solutions

Create an obstacle which will make it very difficult for any thief to overcome without leaving visible evidence of any tampering

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Deter Theft

by sealing containers, be they bottles, boxes , crates etc., so that if and when these are opened (or tampered with) a visible message appears to show that attempts at tampering with the contents has taken place.

Alerts to unauthorised entry

Be it a door to a room, cupboard or control box, or the drawer of a desk. You want to know if it has been opened. Control boxes, should only be opened by authorised personnel.

Visible evidence of tampering

In the construction of the material which is used to make security seals or void seals or carton sealing tamper evident tapes, a “hidden message “ is incorporated. This message is not normally visible when the seal or tape is placed in position. The hidden message generally takes the form of the words: VOID OPENED STOP, appearing.

This message is irreversible when the seal or tape is returned to its original position.

Locks "only keep honest people out"

We all know how easy it is to get a duplicate key cut. Then there are those people who have the skills to pick a lock.

Even if someone has an authorised ‘spare’ key, you will never know who and how many times that lock was opened.

Crime prevention

can be supported by the use of Tamper Evident Seals of one form or another.

Secure Sensitive Documents and products

The more secure you make your package of documents or products or space, the more difficult it is for the criminal to gain access! A criminal wants to gain access very quickly as time is critical in the attempt to “get away” without being seen.

Tamper Evident Seals, Tapes and Bags, are just such a very “inexpensive” method of frustrating the criminal’s intentions.

Safeguard products from counterfeits or Fakes

The counterfeiting of products is much more prevalent that what many people think. It is not only banknotes which are counterfeited, but products such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cigarettes
  • Liquor
  • Aircraft parts
  • Motor car parts
  • Chemicals

The challenge is to mark and protect the authentic products so that it is more difficult for the counterfeiters to “add” theirs copies of your product into the market.

A consequence of this could be that your company has to defend itself in a lawsuit brought against it. Cases are on record.