Adhesive Residue

Generally, when A Tamper Evident Seal or Tape is tampered with, the hidden message appears and is then visible both on the face material as well as in the adhesive residue which is left on the surface, where it was applied.

This “Hidden Message” does not disappear when the face material is repositioned. Thereby the hidden message will remain visible, which is the main feature of the product!

In most cases this is not a problem.

However there are applications where seals have to be removed and then replaced with another, to continue the process of “Guarding” the contents.

In these cases a seal which has a “Low Residue” adhesive will be more suitable. On many surfaces this will actually be a case of “No-Residue”.

A very good example to illustrate the application is the seal which is placed on the hatch or door of an aircraft. Here the seal is meant to stay in place for a matter of hours only. Then when the door is opened, the seal needs to be removed and at a later stage another seal is placed in position. Here the airline does not want to have any residue left in place from each seal.