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As these seals/tapes use an adhesive to adhere to the surface which they are stuck to, a range of adhesives are used in the manufacturing process to differentiate the products, we manufacture and supply.

A good example is that WOODGLUE does an excellent job when two pieces of wood are bonded and may also do a similarly good job when bonding pieces of paper, but it will not bond metals together with any reasonable amount of strength.

It is therefore critical for you and us to be aware of the types of material where you want to stick the Tamper Evident Security Seal or Tape.

It is also important that the proposed products are actually tested by the client to satisfy themselves that the product will perform to expectations before placing an order.

Very humid or wet conditions can also influence the type of adhesive required for a specific application, along with the lifespan that the label is expected to have.

The temperature ranges in which the Security Seal is expected to work must also be considered. Materials which will operate efficiently at extreme temperatures are available.

There may well be situations where the self-adhesive type of seal is not the best solution, in which case other products such as Tamper Evident Security Bags, or mechanical seals, either of the indicative type or ... types may be more suitable for the task.