Sealed Cartons

Daily thousands of cartons are sealed, using packaging tape.

Some users have their packaging tape, personalised with their company or brand name etc.

Many are under the impression that by using a personalised packaging tape they prevent the loss of any of the contents of that carton. However, it is a relatively simple matter to remove and then replace this type of tape, without any evidence of tampering.

Packaging tape can be obtained at almost every street corner.

So for a criminal who wants to remove a portion of the contents from a carton, it is absolutely no problem to source some packing tape.

Generally the client has no idea as to how the carton was sealed at the point where it was filled”

Was the tape wound all the way around the carton?

Was it only one piece or where there more than one piece of packaging tape? Cartons sealed with a Tamper Evident Carton Sealing Tape, will reduce the theft of items from those cartons! Provided that, the issuing of the rolls is strictly monitored and recorded!

The clients must also be informed (educated) as to what they must do when a shipment arrives:

Inspect all sides of each carton

Check that the Tamper Evident Tape is in place and that there is no “other” tape on the carton.

Look for the “Hidden message” which will show attempts at tampering.

Set these aside, and inspect in the presence of a witness.

Using a carton sealing tape with sequential numbers, which are recorded, is a very efficient method. Alternatively the placing of a security seal (with a sequential number) over any packaging tape is another option.